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Day at the Lanes

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If there's one area in Brighton that no traveller can miss, it's the Lanes. They're crammed with too-cool-for-school shops and cafes, as well as some of the largest vintage markets I've ever been to. If you're looking for thrift shop gems, a hipster environment and some of the coolest people in the country, this is where you should be heading. Needless to say, my purse hated me for the trip... 

What I loved most about the area is that although it's next-level hipster, it makes you feel amazingly comfortable and at home, which is a rare combination. For example, here's a gentle reminder to love yourself! 

As for the vintage stores, oh dear the vintage. 


Some puntastic street art and shops...

And a short trip round the majestic Brighton Dome, before scuttling off to the Pink Floyd photographic exhibition, which was the reason I had come to Brighton in the first place!


Perfect day. What's your take on the Lanes?

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