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City of Bridges - Exploring Newcastle

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Our slight hiccups on Christmas Day did not stop us from marveling at the architectural beauty of the northern British port. The fact that the city remained a quiet little haven meant that we could explore it at our own pace and enjoy it to the full!  

The river is chock-full of beautiful bridges, ranging from the ultra-modern to the 18th century. The steel curves are engineering wonders and pillars of strength which continue to aid in the smooth operation of both Newcastle and Gateshead, a separate borough of the town. The Millenium Bridge is a pedestrian and cycling tilting bridge. Yes, it tilts! And it also changes colours at night. Magical. The contrast with the equally gorgeous older bridges is evident and only complements the Tyne and the whole area. 

We just couldn't get enough of the style. In the quiet December afternoon, it makes you feel like you took the train right back in time, to when the iron bridges where the sole transporters and not just aesthetic wonders. 

... But of course it was soon time to snap back into the present and run off for a pipng hot cuppa in Grainger Town, the heart of Newcastle! Stay tuned for more adventures and let me know your favourite Newcastle spots below! 

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