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Christmas (mis)adventures in Newcastle!

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In what was a first for my family, we decided to spend Christmas eve in the clouds, to spend our first Christmas abroad. We chose Newcastle as our Christmassy destination, thinking that it would be incredibly busy and full of people wandering around and celebrating the day in restaurants around the city.

When Christmas Day dawned, bright but bitterly cold, we realized we couldn't be more wrong - the city was spookily silent and deserted! We decided to wander about town until lunch, hoping to get some clues as to where everyone was.

The city in itself is surprisingly pretty. Its industrial heritage is obvious, but it's budding architectural and artistic potential is clear. I also tend to fall in love with a city fairly quickly when I see good street art...

...especially when it's feminist.

It was all fun and games until we realized our tummies were rumbling, and everywhere was either fully booked, closed shut or extremely expensive. Desperately hungry, we asked the first person we saw, who took pity on us and directed us to Cafe Rouge, which apparently is a chain of cafes. Dear person, whoever you are, you are an angel and saved a whole family's Christmas! The cheerful staff squeezed us in, and we popped the bubbly... 

We were too hungry to photograph the food (sorry), but take my word for it, it was just what we needed after a cold day of exploring, and left us groaning with pleasure by the time the last pot of tea arrived! 

We slowly ambled to our hotel to rest at sunset.

And went out to enjoy the still surprisingly quiet Newcastle by night. Although definitely not what we were expecting, being together on one of my favourite holidays of the year was more than enough to make my day!

Have you had any Christmas misadventures? I'd love to read all about them in the comments below!

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