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Visiting Camden Town

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I know, I know. Exploring central London is a mouthful in itself, so why on earth would I send you on its outskirts? Believe me, Camden is well worth the short trip, especially if you go there by barge! Who needs boring train rides anyway? 

All my childhood Tom and Kate, Peter and Jane fantasies fulfilled, we boarded the barge from Warwick Avenue, and in almost no time we were in the heart of Camden. The London Water Bus is truly the best way to get there, such a breath of fresh air after the tube, and it gives you the chance to enjoy London's gorgeous canals.

Camden is to underground hip culture what London is to truly posh classic Brit style. From the Stables market to the ethnic food stalls and the extraordinarily decorated shops, Camden is an eyeful, and my pictures barely do it justice.

Prepare yourself for an eclectic mix of, well, everything in its market and a divine range of international cuisine to choose from when you're ready to drop from all that shopping. 

You could easily spend the whole day admiring the area - everything's very artistic and underground, from the tattoo parlors to the public loos. An Instagrammer's dream, basically. 

Camden, I'll be back.

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