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Bellissima Roma

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Excited as we were to finally see the legend that is Roger Waters live, we couldn't pass up on seeing the legendary city!

First up, the iconic Trevi fountain. With hundreds of tourists swarming around, we didn't quite have the La Bella Vita moment, but it was gorgeous none the same.

We threw a coin in, so we're sure to return to Rome! (myths never lie OK?)

A quick snack of red, white and green... stop: the Vittoriano, or Altare della Patria. It is, to date, the greatest building constructed entirely out of white marble, and despite its beauty, it is a very controversial building, since it was built in a part of the medieval area of Rome. It's huge:

What's right behind it? Why of course, only one of the most iconic structures of the world!

A quick refresher in the shade...

...and then we marched on, ready to breathe in every part of Rome! Join me for more of the Italian capital in the following posts.

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