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All Roads lead to Rome

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Last summer, three friends of mine joined me on a trip to Rome, the Italian capital. What made us join forces and bond over a hilarious and exhilarating trip? We were all die hard Pink Floyd fans, and Roger Waters was on tour in Rome!

Roger Waters and five days in the eternal city? Yes please.

First stop, early in the morning...

We then walked to Piazza di Spagna and the famous Spanish steps. The sun was shining by then and there were tourists everywhere, snapping happily away. We quickly joined in:

The view from the top ain't bad at all! 

We decided to cool off in the enormous gardens of Villa Borghese, beautifully landscaped lawns in British style right in the middle of Rome. 

People jog, other stroll, others still amicably cycle in weird contraptions... 

...even puppies enjoy the occasional stroll!

Exhausted, we eagerly hopped off to the one place we knew for sure would satisfy our growling tummies: Hard Rock

When the food arrived, we devoured it before we could even take a picture. Bad blogging, I know! Follow for more posts on stunning Rome, coming up soon.

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