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Wandering Pilgrims

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The best thing about exchanges is that you get the best tour guides you could possibly want. Forget TripAdvisor, it's the locals who know best!

We took half a day off to hike up to Monte Pellegrino, a 600 metre high hill overlooking Palermo and the Thyrennian. Halfway up, we found Saint Rosalie's sanctuary. It looks like a normal church from the outside, but on a closer inspection, we realised it's just a facade, and the rest is a cave!

Santa Rosalia is the patron saint of Palermo, and her bones are found within the sanctuary. Legend has it that her bones were found on top of the hill in the 1600s, and that they miraculously cured the town of the plague. Today the sanctuary is an impressively quiet and cool place for worshippers.

The saint is literally everywhere in the cave! 

Armed with fresh water and more energy, we continued on our way to the top...

And we made it! The view made us forget the scorching sun:

Pro tip: Never, ever, wear denim on a hiking trip. Ever. Even better pro tip: Never say no to a good hike!

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