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Venetian Sails

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Way back in 2008, my family and a group of friends of ours decided to roadtrip it from Florence to Venice, crossing northern Italy from west to east. It was a complete change in scenery to say the least, going from the warm shades of Tuscany to the humid canals of Veneto's capital.

We found that besides walking, going around the city by public transport is fast and efficient. In other cities this would mean a bus or metro, but here it's a water taxi, or vaporetto. Not that we complained, as we bobbed along the famous canals and enjoyed the sights.

Our water taxi may have been sturdier, but nothing beats the grace of the gondola...

Venice is just what you'd expect after years of reading about it and lusting after Instagram pictures of it: stuck in the past, charming and always on the brink of disappearing, due to the tiny detail that it exists completely on water. Every winter, Italian news sites report the alarming rise of water levels, and every year we hope for the city to stay safe from the waters of its own laguna.  

Our 'bus' left us next to Ponte Rialto, so we decided it was time to go to the famous Piazza San Marco...

... and encountered Venice's version of a traffic jam:

After watching a slight struggle as the gondoliers pushed this way and that, we arrived at the Piazza and the enchanting Duomo, in all its intricate detail.


The Duomo is incredibly detailed on the inside as it is on the outside. Stepping inside, a mossy odour envelopes you as you tread on slightly cracked marble and study the golden mosaics.  

The floor is wonky and goes up and down all over the place due to the water rising beneath it and corrupting the tiles: 

But it can only add to the mystic effect of the majestic structure.

In the next post, we go extremely cliched and ride a gondola! And visit islands! Stay tuned and tell me all about your own Venetian adventures :)

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