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Time Travellers - Agrigento, Sicily

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Another day of our Sicilian trip was devoted to Agrigento, the stunning city founded by the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago.

Agrigento, or Akragas, as it was once known, was once the fourth largest city in the ancient world. It is home to a stunning archaeological site known as Valle dei Templi - the Valley of Temples.

The valley boasts spectacular views of the surroundings. 

The walk around the temples is a rocky one and at times steep, but if for a minute you manage to forget you're surrounded by hundreds of tourists, it feels like you're back in the early centuries, walking from one temple to another. 

The bronze and stone statues are pretty impressive too:

No visit to Sicily is complete without a visit to the Valley of Temples. Take a day off for it; its well worth it - but do try to avoid the August queues and heat, it's a tip I learned the hard way!

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