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One day in Cefalu'

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With the sun shining above us and our Sicilian hosts eager to show us their gorgeous island, we hopped on a train and went to Cefalu', a charismatic little commune on the northern coast. 

Cefalu' has a unique landscape, in that it is built just between a high precipice and a sandy beach. It is the perfect mix of natural beauty and architectural works of art. 

The Cathedral is a stunning example of Sicilian Romanesque. Coupled with the looming cliffs behind it and the leafy palms behind it, it's a sight to see. 

A quick trot through the cool streets... 

... until we got to one of the most distinctive beaches I've ever swam in: 

After that walk under the Mediterranean sun, we literally dropped our towels on the sand and ran into the clear blue sea. We splashed around, diving over each other, and swimming next to the mossy foundations of age old fishermen's houses. 

Tanned but tired, we trudged back to the train station, and dozed off until Palermo greeted us again. 

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