The Anti-Tourist

I like to beat new paths for myself.

New Shores

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Our own personal comfort zone is, paradoxically enough, the most dangerous place to be in. Cocooned in our little perfect space, where everything's just how we like it, and there is nothing at the horizon which may potentially break you.

But there is something. It's called life. And hell, it will break you.  

Which is why, although I find it really hard sometimes, I've always tried to be a Yes Person. Not a blabbering lackey, but someone who puts herself out there, makes her own opinions heard, tries new things, talks to strangers (sorry mum), explores new places, basically saying 'yes' to anything that quickens my pulse and makes me feel alive. 

Travelling has been a great part of that - not the touristy kind of travelling, but that indescribable feeling of exploring new shores, and realizing how small we are next to the complexity of this world.

This blog is another new shore for me - a challenge to type my thoughts out to the world wide web, for anyone to read but mostly for myself - a diary of sorts. A reflective tool, hopefully, for those grey days where the comfort zone is more enticing than ever.

Join me if you like, I'd love to hear your thoughts about all this!

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