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Why Lucca is worth your time

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If there ever was a literal definition of the word picturesque, it has to be Lucca. 

Known for its intact Renaissance walls and the city behind them, Lucca is a tiny town in Tuscany full of churches and palaces, some dating back to the 8th century. Today, the city is a sleepy town among giants like Florence and Siena, and its sleepiness is exactly why you should visit.

The walls are surrounded by a moat which today is a lush piece of turf, perfect for lazing around in the sun, and quite the rarity in the middle of a dry summer. Once inside, the walled city in Lucca is tiny, which means you don't need more than half a day to enjoy it at leisure. 

As with most Tuscan cities, it has a number of palaces and museums, but I'd recommend getting to its gorgeous main square (do you still call it a square when it's completely round? I'm confused), and enjoy a hearty Italian meal. From there, get lost in Lucca's winding alleys and enjoy the shade, quaint little shops and cobbled streets. Sometimes, all you need is simplicity, peace and quiet. 

If you're looking for good food, Pasticceria Taddeuci, right behind the church in the main square is where you'll be heading (go for the Buccelato di Lucca). There are enough piazzas and lanes where you can burn those calories, so go for it! 

I'd recommend a day trip to Lucca to anyone in the Tuscan region. It's quiet, small and completely underrated (so far), so grab your backpack and get to it! Not falling in love with Lucca is kinda hard - I bet you'll agree. 

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