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Full Circle

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Some things in life just seem to fall into place naturally.

Seven years ago, I was in Florence with my History class. I was thirteen and that journey was an eye-opener - it was my first time away from home, parent-free, exploring a new city. Looking back, the photos are blurry (it was 2007), but the memories are as sharp as ever.

As a thirteen year old with little to no travelling experience, I thought nothing about hopping off to Florence other than that it was a fun school trip with my best friends. That escalated really quickly the moment we stepped out of Stazione Maria Novella and into central Florence. I'll never forget the first time I saw the Duomo - it was around midnight and my classmates and I were trudging our luggage over cobblestones, when I looked up and saw this beauty...

(Credit: Wikipedia - I was too in awe to take a pic of it at the time)
...and I was sold. Right at that moment, I fell completely and madly in love with Florence, but even more, I fell in love with the feeling that experiencing something new gives you. You know that adrenaline rush you get whenever you do something daring or new? That's it. 

The travel bug

Once you catch it, there's no turning back.

Florence is a dream. Home of the Renaissance, it is an open air museum of art, culture, music and Tuscan food. It ended up being the home to fond memories over the space of two other trips, the third time being last week with my boyfriend. It was he who egged me on to start writing this blog and record my travels. Right there, in the city I had fallen in love with when I was thirteen, I knew it was right.

There is no city more fitting to kick off my blogging adventures in. This collection of photos stretches out over seven years and three completely different but equally inspiring adventures in the iconic Tuscan capital.

The best thing about a city like Florence? We grow, we change and eventually, we die, but the city will always be there, its terracotta brick walls keeping age-old secrets, and its marble figures gazing right through you, standing the test of time.


I'd love to know all about your own travel bug - how do you deal when catching a plane just isn't an option? let me know in the comments below, let's share our addictions!

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