The Anti-Tourist

I like to beat new paths for myself.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to venture a little off the beaten path when you visit even the most famous places in the world? There are always places to explore in top tourist destinations for which the majority of visitors won’t think to search. If you need some inspiration as to where you should begin your adventure off the beaten path then here are some ideas.

Slovenia, Eastern Europe.
It’s baffling but fascinating that Slovenia is one of the less-common tourist destinations in Europe, despite it having just as much to offer in terms of both a stunning natural environment and a rich tapestry of culture. It’s a hidden gem in itself, so go wild when exploring this country; soak up the ancient castles and popular wine regions, but don’t be afraid to venture a little further and explore the alpine scenery.

The Philippines, Asia.
The Philippines is a beautiful country in the heart of the continent of Asia. It receives a fair share of visitors but there’s so much to see in this wonderful place that many don’t truly grasp the opportunity to fully experience this place. You could visit the Chocolate Hills or its many beautiful islands, but you could also be a little bit more of an adventurer and go kayaking around the Boracay beaches. Don’t be afraid to delve a little deeper and explore a little further than most people when you visit this fascinating country; there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Northern Territory, Australia.
Obviously, Australia isn’t off the beaten path in itself, but it might as well be, once you look past Sydney, Byron Bay, and other famous tourist destinations. This mammoth country is divided into several relatively huge states and the Northern Territory is definitely one of the most fascinating of the bunch if you’re a fan of awe-inspiring natural scenery. You should certainly venture off the beaten path (with an experienced tour guide, of course) so as to really soak up mother nature in all its glory. If you head on one of the Ayers Rock tours then you’ll see fantastic sacred sites such as Uluru (a gawp-inducing sandstone rock) and other natural spectacles situated in the heart of stunning desert landscapes. Australia’s cities are fascinating but its natural landmarks are on the next level.

Island of Sardinia, Italy.

Last, but not least, you should head to Italy. Of course, this country is one of the more popular European tourist destinations, and you may have visited it before. If you step outside of Venice, however, there’s a lot more to see in this beautiful place. The island of Sardinia is home to many famously rich and exotic beach resorts, but the island has another side to it. Head inland and you’ll see Sardinia’s local life; the capital city, Cagliari, is a hub of fascinating culture. Just north of the city, you’ll find the Barumini Nuraghe and many other ancient stone towers that form an intriguing part of the island’s great history. That’s really a lot more to this island than beautiful beaches.

People travel for so many different reasons. Whether it be to see family, see the world, or generally just gain some useful life experiences. Charity work all over the world can change lives, but make sure you prepare yourself - this is no ordinary vacation.


Time Management

When working is such a demanding environment takes a high level of time management skills. If you’re working with animals, you’ll need to make sure you’re allowing enough time to complete important tasks such as feeding or cleaning. If it’s with children giving medical aid, it’s so crucial that you’re seeing enough children a day to make a difference. There are hundreds of thousands of children across Africa needing urgent medical attention. If you’re administering medication, you’ll need to balance your time management with attention skills to make sure everything is done correctly.

Management Skills

After volunteering a few times, you may be offered the opportunity to return as a project manager. The role will require you to think on your feet, and have a good level of all the skills required to volunteer normally such as teamwork, communication skills and work ethic. Having a team of people under your management can be a daunting thought, and if you’ve never had to do something like this before, it might be worth taking some extra training from companies such as Training Connection. They can offer an invaluable into how to effectively manage a team of people, and keep everyone happy.

Communication Skills

It’s most likely that you’ll be travelling abroad to a country where there is going to be a huge language barrier. So learning how to easily communicate with people who are not native to your language is essential. You need to be able to use simple words, and even utilise technology to assist you. Google translate or other similar services can really help you overcome this barrier. Learning to communicate with your team is just as important. Being able to make friends with the people you’re most likely going to be with for a while, and talk to them as equals will make your time abroad a happier experience, and you’ll end up making friends for life.

There are so many other skills you’re going to need, but once you’re out there and in the thick of it, they should all come to your naturally. You’ll make great friends, see places you’ll never have seen before, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Not only for you, but for the people or animals you’re going to be helping.

The Alamo, football, BBQ - there’s so much that Texas is famous for. Texas is a wonderful state to visit, with great cities that are ideal for a short stay. Being a large state, you’ll want to plan your trip to Texas wisely to make the most of your time there. Here’s how you can take in the best of Texas for a trip to remember.
Your pick of the cities
Texas is home to some of the world’s most famous cities. Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are all popular destinations that offer a true flavor of Texas. Put aside any stereotypes you have about cowboys and country, as a visit to one or more of these great cities will surprise you in unexpected ways. If you get the chance to stop off along the way be sure to explore some of Texas’ smaller cities.  Amarillo, Pasadena and Mount Pleasant are great options for passing through, with accommodation at hotels like the Super 8 hotel in Mount Pleasant, Texas offering great value to help your travel budget. With friendly locals there to welcome you wherever you are, it won’t be long before you fall in love with the Lone Star State.

Image: Pexels

What not to miss
Texas attractions are diverse and cover everything from hipster hotspots to sites where history was made. Depending on the type of traveler you are, you can join in the hustle and bustle of the city or relax and enjoy the laid-back vibes, particularly in the summertime when the weather really heats up. If you hit up Dallas, a selfie with Big Tex is essential and music fans of all genres will love Austin’s eclectic music scene. Sports fans can party with the Cowboys or Rangers and see true American sport at its best. It’s a thrill a minute in the Southwest so be prepared for an action-packed few days.

A taste of Texas
Ask anyone who’s been to Texas for a review and the common theme will be the food. Texas is renowned for its huge choice of food from authentic Texas BBQ to vegan delights, so it might be worth making a list of everything you want to try before you arrive. If you can time your visit alongside the State Fair of Texas in the fall, there’ll be even more tasty temptations to try and a fantastic atmosphere to go with it. Alongside the fantastic food scene are top bars and nightclubs that cater for all, showing you exactly how to party in the USA. Make sure you bring your appetite with you, you’ll need it for the foodie delights.

Image: Pexels

When discovering a great state like Texas, make sure you’re prepared with all the right travel essentials to ensure you get the most out of your stay. Bring your camera to capture those Insta-worthy sights and make memories to last a lifetime. A destination to tick off your bucket list, Texas is a place that will surprise you and definitely leave you wanting to go back for more.

We all hear occasionally about a place that is so amazing you just have to go there. Then when you do, you’ve already heard so much about it and seen so many pictures and videos that it feels less special. Everyone has their own example of a city that left them cold despite the hype. London? Paris? New York? Each of them has disappointed people in their thousands.

A part of the reason for this is quite simple. The more visitors that come into a city the less it retains its unique character - the things that make it special. You go abroad to soak up the culture of the place you’re in, but it feels like you might as well be watching it on a big screen.

In truth, to get that authentic feeling you don’t need to change your plans that much. By all means you should visit the countries you hear so much about, but just give the big tourist destinations a miss and get a more authentic experience.

France: Paris Is Passe - Nantes Is Not!

In truth, Paris is perfectly nice (Nice is nice too), but it has been built up by decades of hype into something it just can’t live up to. Whereas over in the west of France, unheralded, lies the true gem of Nantes. In many ways, places don’t get much more French than this.

A particular highlight is the Machines Of The Isle Of Nantes - a menagerie of mechanical animals including a 12-metre tall elephant which carries almost fifty people at a time for a 45-minute ride. A word of advice? Try this and the magnificent Sea Worlds Carousel before you visit the wonderful Gauttier-Debotte chocolatier. Your stomach will thank you.

Australia: Sydney’s Superb, But Perth Is Perfect

While Sydney gets most of the hype and Canberra is the capital, other parts of Australia can go unfairly unnoticed. Among those, Perth is one that really deserves more attention than it gets.


Round about half way through the walk around King’s Park (one of the world’s largest city parks, you’ll fall in love with the views. The sporty theme that runs through the streets will have you crying out for West Coast Eagles tickets and a chance to experience the madness of Aussie Rules football. Take a walk and sample the pub life down by Fremantle Harbour, and you’ll want to move here.

The UK: London’s Lovely, Edinburgh Is Epic

It may be heresy to say it, but once you’ve seen the major sights of London it can feel like the box is ticked. Unless you have unlimited funds, even a weekend of shopping can melt most credit cards - it’s not a cheap trip!

400 or so miles further North, you’ll find the Scottish capital Edinburgh. Not only is it kinder on your wallet, it’s easier on the eye too. A focal point is the Castle, of course, but Edinburgh is so compact that you can walk to most places. The iconic Royal Mile can take up a full day if you have it to spare, but the view from Arthur’s Seat is the one part of Edinburgh you cannot miss. With museums and eateries (and drinkeries!) to suit all tastes, Scotland’s jewel is a trip you’ll never forget.
Are you always looking for the best places to backpack, the best adventures to have, and sights you’ll never forget? There’s a good chance that Africa is a continent featuring prominently in your travel dreams. But it’s a big continent, so where are some of the areas most rich in adventure? Here, we’re going to look at the case for Kenya and why just about everyone should visit it once before they die.

A dip in the coast
The coastline of Kenya is easily one of its defining features. As historically important as it is beautiful, it’s no surprise that it’s quite so densely populated. The Mombasa coast, in particular, can be rather crowded and lively. But if you head just a little south, the still-popular but a good deal more tranquil Diani Beach is one of the must-visit spots of the country for those who want to feel the sand under their feet and the breeze that can be just what you need on a sweltering sub-Saharan afternoon.

Exploring the wilds
Kenya easily has the richest economy and populations of East Africa, making it a great tourist spot, but there’s a good chance you’re there mainly to see something a little wilder. To that end, safari trips to Kenya can put you in close proximity to some of the majestic beasts you’ve always wanted to see, including wild lions and elephants. Not to mention treks across the plains of Amboseli under the sight of Kilimanjaro, making for one of the most impressive horizons you will ever see in your life without question.

Island life
If you’ve always wanted to see a tropical island, then you might want a short trip off the coast of south Kenya to Lamu Island. It’s a mix of gorgeous island trees and some of the richest culture to be found in the country, with old Swahili settlements and traditional mosques from back in the day when it served as one of the biggest trading hubs in Africa. There’s plenty of bustle about the island, with the Maulidi festival turning it into party central if you’re lucky enough to catch it.

Under the surface
It’s not one of the first things that many people think about when visiting Africa, but the truth is that it’s also home to some of the most tranquil caves in the world as well. Take special care when you’re visiting places like the Mau Mau Caves and stick to the paths through the vegetation and along the dirt path. Your reward is finding a cascading waterfall into the cave. You can easily climb the shallow cave to get a great view of the rapids heading into the waterfall, as well.
Some of the finest coasts, local parties, wilderness, and caves await those who are willing to find them. Just make sure you take an experienced guide with you. There’s a lot of wildlife that can prove dangerous in Kenya and it’s not all that difficult to bump into them if you take the wrong turn.

When you’re travelling around the world, it can be hard to know what to take with you. Especially when backpacking, the last thing that you want is a heavy load to trundle around with you through your adventures. In countries where you know that the weather has a tendency to turn, over packing your bag to compensate for the change is par for the course. In reality, you don’t need as many clothes as you think that you will - have you ever been on a short holiday and come back with certain items that you never wore? You tend to stick to what you know, what works for you and what looks good. So what should you really be popping in your backpack?


Not only is swimwear good for swimming, but it’s something that can be worn in hot countries to keep you cool. To add to this, it’s extremely light to carry! Rather than wearing a bra while walking around, it’s more socially acceptable to put on a bikini top on. If travelling with children, there is a selection of beautiful girls swimwear online as well as options for boys to wear too. Remember to look for something that will cover their whole body or have a loose shirt available to put on top to avoid sunburn.

Light Clothing

Instead of taking up valuable room with big, bulky items, consider packing lots of lighter pieces of clothing. It works the same way as it would for bedding - the more layers that you have on, the warmer that you’ll be, and you’ll be able to take off layers if you want to get cool. Think of thin vest tops, t shirts and sweaters that you can put one on top of the other. It’s the best way to utilise the clothes that you will be bringing with you.

One Coat

Wear this on you rather than packing it away. It doesn’t have to be padded out for cold weather unless you’re going to somewhere that’s famous for it. The one thing that you need to ensure is that it is extremely waterproof and will be able to protect the clothing that you have got on underneath from any unexpected downpours. Especially in tropical countries, this is an essential need for you to have.


Unless you know that the shoes that you are taking with you are the comfiest ones ever and will cause you no damage whilst walking around - plus are suitable for any sorts of weather or terrain that you come across - you will need to pack more than one pair. If you can get your hands on them, look for shoes that are foldable or at least a bit malleable to be able to bend them into your bag. If you are thinking of buying shoes while you’re out travelling, you need to think about the demographic of the country that you’re visiting. For example, if you are a UK size 8 and go over to China, you’ll find that you’ll have a hard time finding a pair in your size.  
Corfu is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The variety of beaches means that you don’t have to travel far to find the perfect one for you. All you have to do is pack your sunscreen and towel and set off to explore.
  1. Myrtiotissa
If you have ever read Prospero’s Cell by Lawrence Durrell you will have seen it claimed that this tiny cove is “perhaps the most beautiful beach in the world.” It is actually three tiny beaches under steep cliffs and one is a famous nudist beach.
It is a great place for snorkelling so get yourself some equipment before you go. You can click here for more information on the best equipment for your needs. In peak season, you won’t be alone in your patch of sea. There is quite a mixed crowd fighting for a patch of the beach so an out of season visit may be preferable.
When you want a break from lounging on the sand, there is a stall selling jewellery, tie-dyed fabrics and drinks. For something a little more educational, you can wander up to the 14th-century Myrtiótissa monastery which occupies a natural terrace. You can’t always go inside as it is a working monastery it is an impressive sight even from outside.
Getting there is easy as there are plenty of buses to Vátos village from Corfu Town. The journey takes around 20 minutes and then is another 20-minute walk to the beach.
  1. Longás (aka Perouládes)
Located on Corfu’s most northwesternmost point, Cape Drástis this is a gorgeous beach surrounded by red cliffs. If you are looking for sunbeds, umbrellas or water sports, then this is not the place for you! It is also not suitable for very young kids or anyone with mobility problems as there is a steep stairway-path down to the beach from high cliff-tops.
This is a beach where you turn off and do nothing except for relax and dip in and out of the sea. Perouládes itself is a gorgeous village as is Avliótes, and a wander around their pastel houses and quaint streets is a welcome break from the beach.
You have to be fairly determined and flexible with your timing to get there. Public buses run seven or eight times daily from Corfu Town to Sidári but less frequently from there to Perouládes. Of course, driving is another option but the car park fills up very quickly in high season.
  1. Íssos beach
Famous as a location for ‘For Your Eyes Only’, the famous 1981 Bond film, Íssos beach is on the far southwesterly side of the Korissíon lagoon in Corfu.
Here you can swim, windsurf, or walk/jog up to the Korissíon lagoon exit sluice. If you get a bit hungry, there is a seasonal kantína open from late June or you can stroll around 1km to Ágios Geórgios Argyrádon where there are plenty of excellent tavernas.
To get there you hop on a bus heading for Kávos and get off at the signposted side-road to Íssos. You then have a long walk (around 1.8km) to the beach. The best option is probably to dirve yourself as there is plenty of parking available and a lot of it is in the shade.
  1. Gardénos (Paralía Gardénou)
This is a huge, sandy and clean beach at the end of a lush, agricultural valley. At the end, there is a tiny fishing port with no more than five boats moored at any time. You can get a sunbed but these are only available during peak season. The down side is that it can become very crowded in July and August.
It is a safe beach for families as the sea shelves gently so swimming is the obvious activity but you can also rent kayaks, pedalos and paddle-boards. There are three tavernas good tavernas serving freshly prepared local cuisine.

Buses will take you as far as the inland main highway. You just have to catch the Lefkímmi bus out of Corfu town. However, this leaves a long walk to the beach and on a very hot summer day this can be very unpleasant. If you decide to drive yourself, you need to head towards ‘Paralia Marathia’ and then to Marathiás village. If you take the fork towards Akroama and Nikos there is some easy parking and good access to the beach or the villages of Agía Varvára and Perivóli.
Traveling to the Middle East is always a concern for some people. They want to see the wonders of the world, but they’re worried about terrorism and other issues. However, countries like Lebanon and Iran are considered safe places for Western people to visit. That is the case, regardless of the relationships between governments. Most countries in the Arab world want to increase tourism as much as possible. It helps to add much-needed funds to their economies. With that in mind, there are some tips on this page for anyone who wants to see the amazing sights in Lebanon this year.

Check your government’s website for travel advice

If you have any concerns about Lebanon, you just need to make sure you check your government’s website. That should give you all the information you require. Is Lebanon safe? Well, that depends on which other destinations you use for the comparison. Sure, there is a higher risk in that country than in places like Sweden. However, it’s all relative. Lebanon is a mostly peaceful country that’s still recovering from a long civil war. The people are friendly and Western people never seem to have any complaints. Of course, you still need to be careful and take precautions. Make sure you research local customs, so you don’t offend anyone during your stay.

Book group tours of the country

Lebanon has some large cities and a reasonable public transport system. However, the language barrier proves a problem for some Western travelers. With that in mind, it’s much easier to get about if you book your trip as part of a group tour. You’ll learn more about the history of the country because you’ll have guides every step of the way. You’ll also relax a little more because you’re surrounded by other visitors. Not that there is anything to worry about with Lebanese nationals. There are many important archaeological sites in the country, and guided tours are the best way to see as many of them as possible. Also, you won’t have to stress about arranging accommodation. That will come included with the package.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is critical if you plan to fly to Lebanon. There is a decent health service, but foreign people have to pay for their treatment. If you have the right insurance package, that isn’t an issue. You won’t have to spend a fortune, but you’ll thank me for this advice if you become ill. To stop that from happening, you should only consume bottled water during your trip. Make sure you don’t eat anything that smells odd or doesn’t appear cooked. Your Western digestive system isn’t used to much of the bacteria found in that areas of the world. So, there is a good chance you could have an upset stomach.

Lastly, you need to make sure you have a good time in Lebanon. It’s an amazing country filled with fascinating people. The cuisine is often mouthwatering, and the population warm to all visitors. Indeed, be prepared for people to invite you to their homes for dinner. That custom is commonplace, and it shows the character of those living in the country. Above all else? Enjoy yourself!
There are lots of issues that you can encounter on your holiday. But luckily, there are always ways around them. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the worst problems you can encounter on your vacation and how to handle them, so they don’t ruin a holiday you’ve probably been looking forward to for months.


Delayed Flight

A delayed flight is only an issue if it means that you lose a day or two of your holiday. You won’t, as long as you get an insurance plan that covers this possibility. With the right insurance, you should be able to make sure that even if a flight is delayed, you’ll still be able to fly out. You might even be able to extend your holiday to account for the couple of days you missed, fully paid for by your insurance company. This is one of the reasons why it’s worth paying a little extra for your holiday insurance, making sure that you are fully covered.

Perhaps one of the worst holiday disasters is going to a tropical climate, spending all day in the sun and waking up with a nasty burn. How did it even happen? You put on a lot of suntan lotion and yet you still look like a lobster. Well, it’s important to realize that suntan lotion will wash off if you keep jumping in and out of the water. So, if you’re at the beach, you must make sure that you keep putting the lotion back on your body.

If you do wake up with a nasty burn the next day, you need to treat it immediately. According to BeachRated, Aloe Vera gel is the best way to treat your worst sunburns. Within a few hours, you should be as right as rain and ready to get back outside. As such, it won’t ruin your holiday.
Feeling Queasy?

You can get ill on holiday. It happens more than you think and there’s only really one way to handle it. You need to skip a day and spend it lying in bed. While this will mean you’ll essentially miss one day of your vacation, it might be worth it. After 24 hours, you should be back to your old self and ready to enjoy your chosen destination again. Although, it is worth applying for full medical coverage on your insurance plan, just incase.
Lost Money


Perhaps you are in a theme park and discover - your wallet's been snatched. The best way to handle this is to make sure that you have a backup payment option. Even if you don’t plan to use it, it might be worth taking a credit card with you. That way, you’ll always have an option for buying things if you lose your primary source of money.
You might also want to think about storing this card in your hotel safe when it’s not in use.